• Our Flag Football League is a 7 week (6 weeks + Playoffs/ Championships)

  • We will play 6v6, 7v7, or 8v8 games (depending on how many players register).

  • A maximum of 8 players may be on the field at any given time (2 of whom must be women).  

  • See rule summary below.


You can sign-up as a Team, Small Group (2-4 players), or Free Agent (Solo)!


  • Teams must have a minimum of 6 players (at least 2 females)

  • Must have a Team Captain in order to complete team registration

  • Price of registration may be split among teammates or paid in full by Team Captain

  • All groups under 6 people will merge with other groups the day after registration closes. All merged groups will become larger to protect against forfeits.

  • We recommend that teams consist of at least 8 players.

  • Payment is due at time of registration


  • May join as a free agent, small group, team player, or team captain

  • Payment is due at time of registration

  • All free agent players will be placed on a team the day after registration closes



summer LEAGUE - sunday MORNING

Cancelled due to low registration

Dates: June 16th - July 21st (7 Weeks)
Times: 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Location:  Alto Field - Mill Valley

Free Agent Cost:  $85 Team Cost: $500
Uniforms are not required, but are encouraged for team spirit.
Team shirt’s are optional at $5 per player.
**Team colors will be selected once teams are set.



  • Games consist of (2) 22-minute halves (with a brief halftime, if time permits) with a continuous running game clock. Teams are permitted one timeout per half.

  • This is a non-contact league. All players must try to avoid contact at all times. However, we understand that there will be incidental contact.

    ·       Tackling, blocking, picking, intentional or unintentional contact of any kind can result in a penalty and or an immediate ejection from the game without warning.

    ·       Defensive players attempting to grab a flag, covering receiver’s down-field, etc. must give offensive players the right-of-way.

    ·       Offensive players must avoid contact with defensive players.

  • Female Plays

    ·       At least every third play must be a “female play”. To be a female play, a woman will serve as the QB for a downfield pass, is the intended receiver for a downfield pass, or is the primary rusher (as QB or running back)

    ·       Once a team runs a “female play”, the “female play” count resets and the team may choose to run two consecutive male-only plays before it must run a female play again.

    ·       Teams that fail to run a female-play will be penalized with a loss of down and must run a female play next play.