MSS now runs San Rafael’s Coed Slow-pitch Softball League! This competitive league is for hard-core players who are in it to win it.

If drinking a beer in the dugout and cheering on the other team’s good plays is more your style, sign up for our Social League.


  • 8 to 20 players per team (max 20 players on the roster) 

  • League games will be scheduled once per week between 11am-2pm on Sundays

  • 10 week season plus playoffs/league championship (11 weeks total)

  • All playoffs are seeded single elimination.

  • See detailed League Rules Below


You can sign-up as a Team, Small Group (2-4 players), or Free Agent (Solo)!


  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players (at least 4 females)

  • Must have a Team Captain in order to complete team registration

  • Price of registration may be split among teammates or paid in full by Team Captain

  • All groups under 8 people will merge with other groups the day after registration closes. All merged groups will become larger to protect against forfeits.

  • We recommend that teams consist of 12 - 20 players

  • Payment is due at time of registration


  • May join as a team player or Team Captain

  • Payment is due at time of registration

  • All individual / free agent players will be placed on a team the day after registration closes

SPRING league-sundays

Spring Season Dates:  April 28th - July 7th (No games 5/12, 5/26) *Dates changed by request to accommodate Easter holiday
Times:  All games will be played between 11am and 2pm.
Field Location(s):  McInnis Park- San Rafael

Team Cost:  $850

Free Agent Cost:  $90

Uniforms are not required, but are encouraged for team spirit.
Team shirt’s are optional at $5 per player.
**Team colors and customizing will be selected once team is confirmed.



1. Time Limit: 1 hour & 10 minutes.

2. Each player is allowed 3 balls & 2 strikes per at-bat.

3. Each batter may foul one (1) two strike pitch.

4. No metal cleats allowed.

5. Equipment: Official ball is 12” Dudley CFP 375 LBD .47 COR. Men and women use the same ball. Bats are ASA/USA Softball approved wood or aluminum, composite handle ok but barrel must be aluminum or wood.

6. Keeping Score: The official book is alternately kept by the team that is batting. It is the responsibility of each team to exchange the book each inning.

7. Pitching: The pitcher has 10 seconds to release the next pitch after receiving the ball, or after the umpire indicates “play ball”.

8. No intentional walks. If the umpire feels a walk was intentional, the batter is awarded 2 bases and players on base move every two bases applicable.

9. Number of Players: Eight (8) players from each team must be present to start the game (4 male & 4 female).

10. Batting Order: Men and women must alternate in the batting order regardless of the team make-up. Ex: If a team starting with 9 players: 4 female & 5 male players, 2 male players cannot hit consecutively. The next female in the batting order is moved up the order into the vacant spot.

11. Pinch Runners: Any pinch runner must be the last person of the same sex who made an out for the team at bat. An exception can be made if that last person who made an out has some type of injury and the opposing manager agrees that another person who made an out can run instead.

12. Any non-roster person who is picked up by a team with the agreement of the opposing manager for a valid game must be listed in the batting order after all the rostered players.

13. Max Run Rules: There is fifteen (15) run rule in effect after 5 innings, (4 ½ if home team).

14. Forfeits: Game time is forfeit time, except for the first game of the day, which is given a 5 minute grace period. Any team that forfeits a 2nd game in the season is required to pay a $25 forfeit fee to the Community Center office within three (3) working days after the forfeited game.

15. Uniforms: Not required, but are encouraged for team spirit.

16. Playoffs: All playoffs are seeded single elimination.

17. Must Slide/Avoid Contact Rule: Sliding is permitted, but should be done by experienced players to avoid injury to self and the player covering that base. When a defensive player has, or is about to receive the ball and the runner remains on his feet and deliberately, with great force, crashes into the defensive player, they shall be declared out. If done flagrantly, the runner may be ejected per ASA rules.

18. Positioning: There are no restrictions on who plays where. However, teams may not reconfigure their defense in the middle of an inning except in case of injury.

19. When women are at bat, all four outfielders must remain at a distance from home plate that the umpire deems necessary. If a team has only nine (9) players, three (3) outfielders must stay behind the line.

20. Force Play at home plate: Any plate at home plate, regardless of the situation, is forced a play (the catcher acts like a first basemen). If the ball beats the runner to the base and the catcher is in contact with the base, the runner is called out and it is not necessary for the catcher to tag the runner.

21. Home Plate Line: There is a line drawn between home plate and the fence. This line represents home plate. The runner will run to the line rather than home plate.

22. A player must participate in a minimum of three (3) regular season games to qualify to play in the playoffs.

23. Ties: Games can end in a tie. If the time expired at the end of a completed inning, and the game is tied, it ends in a tie score.

24. Female Batters Automatic First Base: If a female batter hits the ball reaching the outfield untouched, she is awarded first base and cannot be thrown out by an outfielder at the first base.

25. ASA rules in all other cases.