Home Run Derby is a 1 day event, featuring 3 divisions: Adult Male, Adult Female, and Masters (50+). Each person will have 4 minutes to hit as many home runs as possible, scoring 1 point per 200’ home run and 2 points per 300’ home run. All home runs must be within fair territory to count. Scores will be tallied at the end of each round and the top 50% of hitters from each division will move on to the next round. The same structure applies for subsequent rounds until there is a winner announced from each division. Aside from home runs, hitters may hit targets placed out in the field to win additional prizes. The winner of each division wins a prize and bragging rights for a year!

*Here are a few changes based on feedback from last year.

  • No “outs” counted. Everyone will hit as many balls as possible within 4 minutes.

  • All Lines (foul lines and home run lines) will be more clearly marked to avoid any confusion.

  • Additional umpires will be strategically placed to sight home runs and foul balls. Umpires will be using flags to signify home runs.


Date: August 17
Times: 11:00AM - 3:00PM
Location:  Boyle Field, Mill Valley

Cost:  $20
*Optional derby tee available during registration: $5




·       A player that fails to show for the first round will be dropped from the competition.


·       Softballs will be provided for each batter.

·       Players may use their own ASA certified bat or one that is provided by Marin Social Sports.


·       Each batter will receive a max of 4 minutes per round

·       Foul balls don’t count

·       Pitches do not need to have a, “legal” arc.

·       Once all batters have hit within a round, scores will be tallied, and players moving to the next round will be announced.

·       Participants may provide their own pitcher or use someone else competing in the tournament

o   Once your round begins you may not change pitchers


·       Home runs will only be counted once the ball crosses over the fence.

  • Players receive 1 point for all balls hit from 200’-299’ and 2 points for all balls hit 300’ and beyond

·       Male hitters will have a designated distance.  Female hitters will have a designated distance.

·       Foul balls or balls that bounce over the fence will not count.

·       The top 50% of players will advance to the next round.

·       Ties will lead to a sudden death (SD) round.  Each batter in SD will receive an additional 1 minute to hit

·       The top male and female will win their divisions.

Prizes / Miscellaneous

·       All participants may attempt at hitting any of the “prize” targets set in the outfield.  

o   Once a target is hit, that prize will no longer be available to other players. Therefore, each eligible target can only be claimed once.

·       Each participant must sign and return the Marin Social Sports participant waiver to a league coordinator prior to play.

·       Spectators may sit in the stands or can shag balls in the outfield

o   Anyone one shagging balls may not try and rob homeruns.

·       This event is BYOB / BYOE (bring your own everything).