men’s d league slow pitch SOFTBALL


  • This is a competitive men’s softball league.

  • The season is 10 weeks + a day of championship games.

  • See detailed League Rules Below


You can sign-up as a Team, Small Group (2-4 players), or Free Agent (Solo)!


  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players signed up

  • Must have a Team Captain in order to complete team registration

  • Price of registration may be split among teammates or paid in full by Team Captain

  • We recommend that teams consist of 12 - 20 players.

  • All groups under 8 people will merge with other groups after registration closes.

  • Payment is due at time of registration


  • May join as a team player or Team Captain

  • Payment is due at time of registration

  • All individual / free agent players will be placed on a team the day after registration closes

sPring LEAGUE 2020 - sunday night

Spring 2020 Season Dates:  March 29th - July 12th (No games 5/10, 5/24, 6/21, 7/5)
Times:  All games are played between 5pm and 10pm
Field Location:  Albert Park, San Rafael

Team Cost:  $800
Free Agent Cost:  $90


summer LEAGUE 2020 - sunday night

Summer Season Dates:  July 26th - October 11th (No games 9/6)
Times:  All games are played between 5pm and 10pm
Field Location:  Albert Park, San Rafael

Team Cost:  $800
Free Agent Cost:  $90

Registration Opens march 1, 2020


 men’s d league slow pitch SOFTBALL RULES

1.                  Time Limit – 1 hour 10 minutes. No new inning starts after time has expired.

2.                  Each batter starts with a 1-and-1 count. They are allowed 1 foul ball after reaching 2 strikes. A second foul ball is an out.

3.                  Each game begins with 1 new ball. Foul balls and retrievable home runs should be picked up by the teams and returned to the umpire.

4.                  There is a 2 home run rule for each game. Each team is allowed 2 home runs (over the fence) per game.

5.                  8 run max per team in a single inning, except the last inning.

6.                  There is a 15-run rule after 4 ½ innings.  The game is ended at that point.

7.                  No contact/collision If the official determines a player has interfered with a runner, the runner is safe.

8.                  Pitchers. Facemasks are recommended & encouraged for pitchers. In order to protect the pitcher, a hot line drive that is hit directly at the pitcher is an automatic out, ball is dead, play stops, and players do not advance. If a hot line drive bounces before reaching the pitcher, ball is live and in play

9.                  The strike zone consists of home plate and the mat that sits up against the plate.

10.              Pinch runner rule. 1 pinch runner allowed per inning and it has to be the last out with reasonable exceptions for injuries at umpire discretion.

11.              Bats & Balls. Composite 98 Speed USA community bats are provided and are ASA approved composite barrel. Balls provided are 352 w/ synthetic cover.

12.              Games can end in a tie if time has expired at the completion of a full inning.

13. Keeping Score: The official book is alternately kept by the team that is batting. It is the responsibility of each team to exchange the book each inning.

 League Policies:

-          Managers meet with official before each game to:

  • Review the rules- especially any modifications that are newly adopted.

  • Review the team rosters- confirm all players are on the rosters and have signed the waiver.

-          League is open to men and women, but there are no special rules for female players

-          Team forfeits with less than 8 players at game time.